Our Mentors

They have Figured Out the Secret to Success

Exprto is here to revolutionize the education industry. We are here to bring the change that is the need of the hour. Exprto provides personal mentorship to every student boosting their preparation and enabling them to crack their exam with confidence.

Who is a Mentor?

A mentor is an expert of the subject who provides support, guidance and advice to you in your exam preparation journey. Our IIT JEE | NEET mentors are previous year toppers studying in top Engineering | Medical colleges. These experts have been in your shoes and know how to tackle your everyday difficulties with ease.

How Do Exprto’s Mentor Help?

Make your preparation journey easy with Exprto’s mentorship plan. You can schedule your daily task, study time-table, prepare a long-term personalized plan to streamline your preparation status, and know the exam guidelines. Our mentors will share their secrets of success, handwritten notes, preparation tips and a lot more in a one-to-one discussion with you!

IIT-JEE Mentors

The JEE Mentors at Exprto are recent toppers pursuing their graduation in top engineering colleges like IIT, NIT, VIT and so on.

NEET Mentors

Exprto’s NEET Mentors are previous year toppers studying in top medical colleges like AIIMS, Madras Medical College, Kasturba Medical College and the list goes on.

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We aim to provide guidance and success hacks to NEET | IIT-JEE aspirants and exciting mentorship opportunities to toppers of these exams… but just don’t take our word for it.

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